Cricket – the future in England.

The World Cup only comes around once every four years and it’s every players dream to be a part of it.

Lose your opening two games and all of a sudden the dream can seem like a nightmare. The media analyse every mistake and all of a sudden you simply can’t wait for the return flight home.

Having played two games so far, the England team seem to have been woefully exposed. They are without doubt a talented bunch of cricketers with the potential to go all the way, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment. So where is it all going wrong?

The problem I feel seems to stem from the powers that be, in English cricket. The failure to allow certain players the security of knowing they have a place in the team is a serious problem that has been around in the English game for many years. Mark Ramprakash for one, who is now deemed to be good enough to be a part of the English coaching setup, was during his playing career in and out of the team more times then clothes in a washing machine at the launderette. In the present day that cricketer seems to be Ravi Bopara. A young man that has on many an occasion played an important part in English victories, is time and time again made to be felt like an outcast whose days are always numbered.

Then we have the KP factor. A brilliant player yes, a match winner yes, but also an absolute royal pain. KP was dropped and yet he continues to make his statements which I feel are there to cause cracks in the England set up, more than they are to try and earn him a recall and that I feel is sad. So much was made by him of wanting to play in the IPL and yet in the recent auctions his actual worth was realised, as he went for the paltry sum of Rs 2cr when Yuvraj Singh went for 8 times that amount.

I could bring up so many other issues, but the general feeling from within seems to be that the hierarcy in English cricket need to toughen up a little, become firmer with those that stray, give some stability to those that play and sometimes fail and wise up to those that are in the comfort zone.

I love English cricket and want to see the national team lift the cup. It won’t happen in this tournament, but with the players and the infrastructure that is here, there is no reason why that can’t be the case in 4 years. We see so many young players coming through our doors on a weekly basis, those playing for the junior Borough teams and beyond. The future can certainly be bright for English cricket, it’s now simply up to the higher powers to ensure those that are playing the game at such a young age, are given the encouragement to continue to the end and succeed.

The politics that is inherently there in the structure of the game needs to be eradicated, those with the talent need to be given the chance, regardless of the contacts they have or the grovelling that they do. Why is it that some can continually fail, yet remain in the setup, whereas others that falter once are Immediately disposed of.

The future can very easily be bright , It’s up to some to simply make it so.

Vinay Bedi