Dimension GS5 Cricket Net

Whether you presently are a beginner at professional cricket, or were one once upon a time, at some point of time, you must have across a cricket net. A cricket net is a piece of equipment that helps bowlers and batsmen practice their techniques without losing their cricket balls. Common cricket nets consist of nets on either side of the pitch, behind the pitch and optionally above it. The frontside of the player is left open. 

Cricket nets are used both indoors and outdoors. In places like gynamsiums, cricket nets are suspended from runners on the ceiling, and are usually spread over multiple lanes. Outdoor nets are more commonly used than indoor nets. The frames of these nets are usually made from galvanised steel tubes that have been joined by key-clamp brackets. The netting twine is usually made from polyethylene, which is durable and cost-effective.

There are several benefits of using cricket nets –

  1. They prevent the ball from flying across the field and thus, loss of balls is avoided.
  2. They eliminate the need for fielders or wicketkeepers. Batsmen and bowlers can practise on their own inside a cricket net.
  3. They can be used for solitary batting practice with the help of a bowling machine.
  4. They allow several players to practise at the same time by segregating them in lanes.
  5. They prevent injury to others by blocking flying balls.
  6. They prevent damage to property by blocking flying balls.
  7. They help in efficient and cost-effective practice of skills overall.

The GS5 cricket net from Dimension Sport is a widely used outdoor cricket net. It consists of a ground secured metal frame and UV treated mesh. The dimensions of the net are 5m Length x 3m x Width x 3m Height. It can be installed easily in the home garden. The net is easy to install, long-lasting and durable, does not require heavy maintenance and is thus, excellent for solitary practice at home. 

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