The Equipment for the Win: Play Cricket like a Pro

Like any other game, Cricket demands a certain set of equipment that is necessary to play the game. This equipment ensure that the game is well played and that too safely. From cricket bats to cricket gloves, there is a comprehensive list of equipment that a player must possess.

Essential Cricket equipment

  1. Cricket bat: This makes for the basic and most important cricket equipment. In fact, the whole game relies on batting. VKS, based in London, has the most alluring collection of cricket bats sourced from all over the world. These bats range from junior to senior, cheap to expensive, and amateur to professional.
  2. Cricket balls: The game of bat and ball essentially requires a good quality ball. VKS has a great collection of training as well as professional balls to ace your bowling game in no time.
  3. Cricket stumps: These three upright wooden poles hold the power to decide the game. VKS holds the training as well as professional stock of high-quality stumps at great prices.
  4. Cricket helmets: These helmets are crucial in ensuring safety of the batsman against the fast-paced balls. VKS’ collection of helmets is exclusive and consists of the finest helmets from top brands.
  5. Batting gloves: These gloves are adorned to protect the hands of the batsman and wicket keeper from fast paced balls. VKS stocks both sausage and split finger gloves in its exclusive range.
  6. Cricket footwear: The right kind of footwear ensures grip, agility, and speed of the player. With VKS, you get to choose your pair of spikes from some of the top brands around the world.
  7. Cricket bags: The cricket kit or bag is an essential equipment that ensures that all your other cricket equipment is kept safe and at one place. Also, these bags are extremely helpful in moving your cricket gear around places. VKS, has the strongest and stylish branded cricket bags that are available at the most reasonable prices.

To play the game efficiently and safely, the player must possess all this equipment, and VKS is here to help you through the buying process. From guiding you about the right choice to providing you with the biggest deals, VKS has everything in store. Moreover, you can buy all this equipment online from the website or visit our store.


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