Essential exercises for cricketers

Training to become a
professional cricketer? Strength, stamina, flexibility and general fitness are
what you will need to ace on the pitch. Here are a few exercises that can help
you get ready for the game –

  1. Squats – Squats are for developing strength in the legs and improving mobility in the hips and core. You can squat using your bodyweight or dumbbells or barbells. With more power in the hips and legs, it also becomes easier for you to enhance your running speed.
  2. Single Leg Squat – After getting regular squats right, you should focus on single leg squats. In the game of cricket, having equal strength in both the legs is very important, and this when single leg squats come into play. They help you develop balance and strength in both the legs. Initially, do single leg squats without using weights, but gradually, you can include some light weights.
  3. Benchpress – Benchpress is for developing pecs, anterior deltoids, triceps and other stabilizing muscles. The strength of the upper body plays an important role in the performance of batters, bowlers and wicketkeepers. This compound exercise is vital to developing strength in the core.
  4. Cook Hip Lift – Cricket cannot be thought of without the act of running on the field – the batsmen, the fielders, and even the bowlers do it all the time. This is one exercise which will help you run faster. The cook hip lift helps in developing strong hips and hamstrings.
  5. Push Ups – Another exercise aimed at strengthing the upper body, this one particularly focuses on chest, arms, shoulders and midsection. This one should be done by all players for developing their core strength.

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