Essentials of Cricket Clothing

Your cricket on field look has primarily two components – cricket clothing and cricket protective gear. While cricket protective gear protects players from injuries on the field, the role of cricket clothing is gives the players a sense of identity and unity as a team. The latest cricket clothing fabrics also keep players comfortable while playing by giving them flexibility and wicking sweat effectively. 

VKS has cricket clothing from all the leading brands in the world of cricket. Here’s a glimpse of our collection –

  1. Cricket Shirts – Generic cricket shirts are generally white in colour and have collars. They can be half-sleeved or full-sleeved depending on the players preference. They have a minimal design – a band of thin colored stripes around the arm holes or a small logo of the brand printed on one side of the chest. Good cricket shirts are neither tight nor loose and good at wicking moisture effectively. VKS has cricket shirts from Adidas, Infinity, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra and Gunn & Moore. 
  2. Cricket Trousers – Cricket trousers are generally white or off white in colour. They have an elasticated waistband and are designed to offer flexibility to the player while running and moving. Good cricket trousers are also effective at wicking sweat. VKS has cricket trousers in all sizes from Adidas, Gray Nicolls, Infinity, Kookaburra, Gunn & Moore and VKS.
  3. Cricket Socks – Feet play an important part in the game of cricket as players are always standing, running, jumping and moving. Therefore, cricket socks are crucial to the cricket uniform as they keep the feet of the players comfortable. VKS has cricket socks from some of the top brands – Horizon, Gunn & Moore and Kookaburra. 
  4. Cricket Sweaters – Playing in cold weather calls for cricket sweaters to keep the players warm and comfortable. Like other pieces of clothing, cricket sweaters have to be lightweight, fit well, allow for flexibility and feel comfortable on the skin. Cricket sweaters are mostly white in colour and they may have a coloured trim. VKS has excellent quality cricket sweaters from Adidas and Gunn & Moore.
  5. Cricket Baselayers – Cricket baselayers are the items of clothing that are worn beneath the cricket shirts and trousers. Since they are in close contact with the skin, baselayers have to be of a soft material for comfort, and they should be effective at wicking moisture. VKS has baselayers from Kookaburra and Gunn & Moore.
  6. Cricket Hats & Caps – To shield the eyes against the sun, VKS has excellent quality hats and caps from reputed brands in a range of sizes and colours. 

Looking to upgrade your cricket kit for cricket season 2021? VKS is your go-to place for all your cricket equipment, be it bats, balls, bags, shoes, clothing, accessories or protective gear. VKS offers premium quality cricket gear from the best-known brands at affordable prices. We also have cricket helmets, shirts, cricket trousers, cricket shoes, sweaters, baselayers, socks, caps and hats, safety equipment and teamwear in a variety of designs and sizes. Shop with us in-store or order online at and avail fantastic discounts on your purchase. 


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