How to excel at fast bowling in cricket

As discussed in our previous blog, fast bowling is about getting the basics right and then practising with focus and dedication. Seasoned bowlers, who have been practising for 8-10 years, can deliver balls with a speed of over 150 km/h! Here are a few tips on how you can improve your fast bowling skills –

1. Keep changing your line of delivery – Do not stick to just one line while bowling. Once the batsman gets familiar with your line, they will begin anticipating the same kind of shots every time and get used to handling them with accuracy. Instead, keep surprising the batsman – alternate between offside, leg side, or midline to keep the batsman on their toes.
2. Aim for a good length in each delivery – A delivery of the good length where the ball bounces off from the middle of the pitch is challenging for a batsman to handle as it is hard for them to predict at what height and angle will the ball bounce off before reaching them. So, make sure that the ball of 6-8 metres from the batsmen when it bounces off the pitch.
3. Get the bowl to swing – “Swing” is a delivery technique in which the ball curved mid-air. The inconsistent air flow may cause the ball to change direction suddenly and confuse the batsman. However, it is to be noted that a swing is considered as manipulation in some leagues, and could lead to a penalty or even disqualification.
4. Aim for Yorkers – A Yorker is a ball which lands right in front of the feet of the batsman, causing the batsman to change their footing rapidly. In many cases the change in footing leads to either a knocked wicket, or a leg before wicket. Yorkers are among the toughest deliveries and rigorous a lot of experience.

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