Find the Finest Cricket Gear With VKS

Are you aspiring to play cricket professionally or simply take your game seriously? If yes, then you must know how important it is to possess the right cricket gear. Whether playing on synthetic grounds or turfs, you need a certain gear to score that history creating inning or strike out that batsman with your perfect bowling. But what are those gear? And most importantly how do you find them at the best prices?

VKS, based in London, is your hub for the best cricket equipment. Not only do they have the carefully chosen variety but also the most competitive and affordable price range. Their experts are available in store as well as online to help you choose the best.

Cricket gear available at VKS

  1. Cricket bats: Bringing only the best, VKS have a variety of cricket bats for juniors and adults. With brands ranging from Gunn & Moore to Gray Nicolls to New Balance and many more, you can find everything on the website.
  2. Cricket balls: From soft training balls to Dukes cricket balls to VKS cricket balls, you are just a click away from finding your beast.
  3. Cricket stumps/wickets: With VKS, you get to choose from plastic stumps to spring return stumps at the best prices.
  4. Cricket helmets: Bringing only the best and the safest options with brands like Kookaburra, Masuri and many more, you get to choose according to your affordability and likings.
  5. Batting leg pads and gloves: You can pick comfort and safety altogether with the selective options available at VKS like Infinity, Gray Nicholas, Kookaburra, and others.
  6. Cricket bags: Keeping your cricket gear together and that too safe is now easy with VKS’s chosen bags from high-end brands including New Balance, Infinity, etc.
  7. Cricket footwear: From brands like Adidas to Gunn & Moore, you are assured to get comfort and style with VKS’s range of footwear.

At VKS, we understand the importance of good cricket gear. That is why we bring forward only the safest and high performing options for you. You can buy these cricket gear online as well as at VKS’s store in London.


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