Finding the Right Cricket Bag

Are you a cricket enthusiast? If yes, then you must possess all the essential cricket equipment. But where do you keep them, or rather store them? How do you carry them to different places? The only possible and practical way is – in a CRICKET BAG. Whether you are a playground player or a professional, you need a cricket bag to carry and store all your cricket gear. Hence, a cricket bag is an essential investment.

How do you choose the right cricket bag?

There are different factors that affect your purchase. You must look for-

  1. The right size: The capacity of the cricket bags plays a key role. It must be big enough to fit all your equipment without damaging anything. Also, see if there are different compartments within the bag to help you stay organized. We suggest opting for a bag with lots of space, that will then make it easier for you to find various pieces of gear quickly.
  2. Comfort: The bag must have a soft padded strap to make it easy to carry without any discomfort.
  3. Water-resistance: The bag should be made from good and strong fabrics to protect from light rain.
  4. Durability and quality: Since it is an investment in itself, you must look for a good quality bag. It is in order to make sure that your cricket gear is well protected.
  5. The right price: It is a major factor in deciding the right bag. Many different brands provide high quality bags at varying prices. It is for you to look for the right bag at a price that suits your pocket.

Where do you find the right cricket bag for you?

There are numerous vendors that provide you with multiple options in cricket bags. But are they all reliable? VKS, based in London, assures to provide original branded bags online as well as in their store. The different brands they stock are:

  1. Infinity: From separate shoe bags to duffel bags, they are priced between £11-£
  2. Gunn & Moore: Their high-quality bags range between £40-£
  3. Gray Nicolls: From backpacks to duffel bags, they provide a wide range from as low as £
  4. Kookaburra: Priced between £100-£15, these bags offer premium quality and designing.
  5. New Balance: Their exclusive bags start from £

Whether you want to buy a duffle bag or a wheelie or a backpack, VKS has it all in all premium brands. You can buy these cricket bags online at the best prices.



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