GM Haze Lite Signature LE Cricket Bat

Gunn and Moore introduce the GM Haze Lite Signature LE for the 2018 season. It’s a lightweight bat which feels great in the hands of the player who plays those fast-paced shots.

GM bats are made in England by some of the finest craftsmen with years of bat making experience and GM bats are famous all over the world for their DXM technology and the Haze Lite is implemented with the DXM technology.

GM Haze Lite Signature LE Cricket Bat (H,6,5 and 4)

A bat with every cleft designed to give maximum output. Made in the most technologically advanced factory in the world. As this bat is lightweight it gives very impressive pickup. A very balanced bat which provides enough power and pickup.

The bat has an impressive design with the classic Gunn and Moore logo on it. GM Haze Lite Signature LE have a concave bat profile that maximises the power along with its performance, as well as keeps bat weight down.

GM Haze Lite Signature LE is made from the English Willow and also has ToeTek which helps in protecting the toe of the bat.