GM Original Duplex Wheelie

To play cricket you need the best equipment and to keep the equipment safe from wear and tear, you need a great cricket bag. Gunn and Moore Original Duplex Wheelie is one such bag that has been made for the 2018 season.

GM Original Duplex Wheelie comes with two-tone all-terrain wheels. It also offers vertical and horizontal access for better use of space and to store all the necessary equipment.

GM Original Duplex Wheelie can get up to 55% bigger with DVO. Its made from 1680 Denier Nylon which makes it extremely durable and tough. It also has a stand-alone system which makes it easy to keep in the smallest of lockers.

The bag has 2 integrated bat pockets and pockets for your wallet/keys and mobiles. Padded handles for added comfort. The design of the bag stands out from the rest of the bags in the market. The ‘Bat Cave’ is a preformed section of the bag which can hold 2 bats and can protect them from damage.