Gray Nicolls Batting Gloves You Should Check Out

If you love playing cricket, then a broken hand is among the last things you would want to happen to yourself. Not only do you not want to put yourself through the physical pain of the injury, but you wouldn’t be able to play cricket till the time your hand is not completely healed. 

The teaching here is that you should always go to the cricket pitch with all your safety gear, and batting gloves are amongst the most important items of cricket protection gear. Gray Nicolls, the renowned batmaker, is also into making excellent cricket gloves. The brand’s batting gloves are used by top international batsmen. Check out some of their top models here –

  1. Gray Nicolls Legend Batting Gloves – They are priced over £100, but on, they are available at a fantastic discount. The top-of-the-range gloves have pittard gripster leather palms which give them exceptional feel, grip durability and help in moisture management. The multi-sectioned interlocking “V” design ensures maximum flexibility and acts as a great armour at the same time.
  2. Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth 1000 Batting Gloves – These bats are high on both their protective qualities and style. The silver-grey forefinger stands out beautifully. The gloves have premium sheep leather palms which allow for supreme comfort and grip. Their hybrid design, with EVA and overlay poly armour, ensures high level of protection even in long, aggressive test matches. The protection factor is enhanced by the Tri- Zone Pro shield side impact bar.
  3. Gray Nicolls Pro Performance Batting Gloves – This glove is quite close in terms of features to the Gray Nicolls top batting gloves – the Legend batting gloves. These gloves feature premium Grade A leather palms which offer supreme comfort and great grip. The multi-sectioned interlocking “V” design and tri-zone pro shield side impact bar ensure that the players have maximum protection against impact. 
  4. Gray Nicolls Prestige Batting Gloves – These excellent mid-range gloves have a traditional finger design which has a curved Fibre Shield covering all the fingers with Flat Fibre added at the back of the hand of the glove. The glove also has also three sectioned side impact bar that is made of EV for superior protection. The premium leather palms of the glove help in excellent moisture management. 
  5. Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth 600 Batting Gloves – Budget gloves, but with excellent features for all-round protection. These have premium sheep leather palms which are comfortable on the skin and offer great grip. The hybrid design, with EVA and overlay poly armour add to the protection factor. To give superior comfort to the players, the gloves have dual sided elasticated sweatband  that absorbs moisture.

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