Gray Nicolls Kronus 1000 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Kronus 1000 is named after the King of Titans, Kronus. The bat is freshly designed for the 2018 season. Gray Nicolls Kronus 1000 sports a double profile that gives amazing power to the bat with a really light feel to it.

The Kronus 1000 is made to dominate the opposition bowlers. It has a beautiful design to match its amazing power, the black design gives it the great look which makes the bat look great in the hands of the player.

Gray Nicolls Kronus 1000 has a mid-blade sweet spot which is suited for the all-round player who likes to hit a variety of shots, The Kronus 1000 is highly maneuverable and feels extremely light.

Zone Pro grip makes the bat comfortable in the hands of the player and provides extra grip in the hands of the player throughout the shot. A semi-oval handle makes the bat very comfortable in the hands of the player.


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