Gray Nicolls Players Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls is among the oldest manufacturers of cricket equipment, having been in this industry from the second half of the 19th century! It is not surprising that they have their finger on the pulse of the game and a large fan following in not only English, but the rest of the world as well. They have been customizing their products according to the changing game trends, and they have also been trendsetters in the industry because of their continuous innovation in the equipment to make it more performance-oriented and long-lasting. This blog is dedicated to one of our favourite Gray Nicolls bats – The Gray Nicolls Players Cricket Bat. 

The Gray Nicolls Players Cricket Bat is a part of the brand’s classic collection. It is one of their top-selling bats and its design has remained unchanged from 2018. The bat has been made with exceptional quality English willow that is durable and gives the bat its spring. The looks of the bat are simple yet sophisticated. The name of the brand on a bold red sticker across the blade and complemented by the class silver and black check pattern looks quite elegant. The colours also go very well with the white grip of the bat. 

The mid-blade profile of the bat is suited for all playing styles – the precise and cautious shots as well the power-packed punches. The thick edges and the steep spine are particularly good for forceful shots that send the ball flying across the field. The bat gives the players a sustained sweet spot across the blade which helps them in delivering the kind of shots they have planned with ease. The concaved sculpting of the bat adds to its performance and also helps in giving the players a smooth pickup. 

The semi-oval handle of the bat offers a comfortable grip and added control to the batsman. All in all, the bat has some excellent features which make it a powerful bat worth investing in. The bat is available in the following sizes – 5, 6, Harrow and Short. VKS is also giving an excellent discount offer on the bat for a limited period of time. 

You can check out a video review of the bat here

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