Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 600 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 600 is the 6thedition of the infamous Powerbow range. As its name suggests, the Powerbow is known for its massive bow which gives it the speed to hit accurate shots. The bat has huge edges which enhances its sweet spot.

An ideal bat for the player who likes to hit huge boundaries. The bat provides better accuracy with the longbow and helps the batsman hit a variety of shots. The Design of the Powerbow 6 600 is very impressive as well. The blue and grey compliment each other and makes the bat look beautiful on the field.

The combination of the amazing design and power makes it a feared bat in the cricket world. Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 600 is made from the best quality English Willow which provides durability and flexibility.

The Powerbow is truly a monster of a bat and in the right hands, it can dominate the field.