Gray Nicolls Predator 3 Cricket Bats

Gray Nicolls are one of the most recognised cricket bat brands in the world. Aspiring cricketers as well as leading test players trust Gray Nicolls and their bat making pedigree.

For the new season we have  seen the launch of the new Gray Nicolls Predator 3 cricket bat range. Whilst most of the brands have opted to design cricket bats with very big edges huge profiles and a powerful look, Gray Nicolls have gone against the grain and opted for the opposite.

With the Gray Nicolls Predator 3 cricket bat range, we can see moderately the cages, quite a bit of concaving and extremely steep spine. To design a bag with that much concave in with quite bold and brave, but initial customer feedback and sales have been most promising anything obviously what people want to see. Whilst many are obsessed with measuring tapes and statistics, I firmly believe rulers and measuring tapes are instruments used by those with little actual bat knowledge. if you’re looking to buy a cricket bat you can read my best cricket bats review for 2017 here. Finally enough, just this evening I watched the movie Sally which is based on the true story of the American airlines flight that was landed on the Hudson River. During one of the scenes in the movie Tom Hanks who plays the lead role is questioned as to why he took the decision to land the plane on the river as opposed to heading back to LaGuardia airport, that is to say what calculations he made in order to take that all important decision with regards to the lives of the 155 on board. His reply was that he didn’t make any calculations it was just based upon his judgement, likewise those of us know simply know about cricket bats we don’t base our thoughts on rulers.

Vinay Bedi