Gray Nicolls Shockwave Cricket Bats

Gray Nicolls Shockwave Cricket Bat has created quite a buzz in the market, and it is disappearing off shelves rapidly as cricket enthusiasts rush to buy it. On the Gray Nicolls website, it says – “The traditional image of cricket will be smashed to smithereens with this ultra-modern bat with its cutting-edge new look”, and we can’t help but agree with this. The bat not only has killer looks but its aggressive design promises immense power.

The first thing you will notice about the bat is its looks. The bat has a checkered design in blue and black at the top of the blade, along with the white and red Gray Nicolls logo. They have got some stylish new graphics on the bat done in different shades of blue ranging from azure to turquoise. According to the designer of the bat, Paul Jenkins, the fragmented graphic design represents the immense power that this bat gives on impact, or the shockwave of the bat.

The deep spine of the bat runs from the top till the toe. The bat has a high middle and this bold design of the bat serves the purpose of enabling the batsman to deliver power-packed shots. The big bat, made from top quality English willow, is quite light – it ranges from 2.7 to 2.12 and this weight makes its pickup quite smooth.

The Shockwave bats are specially designed for matches on the lines on the lines of T20 – a lot of action in a short duration. The bats’ thick edges ensure that the batsman hits with power even when he mistimes the ball. The Shockwave bat family has something for all kinds of batsmen. You can choose from Pro Performance, 5 star, 5 star Lite, 4 star, 5 star Lite junior, 200, Academy junior and Thunder junior bats. The Shockwave bats, along with other categories from Gray Nicolls – Legend, Classic, PowerBow 6x, PowerBow 6, Supernova, Kronus, PowerBow 5, Predator 3 and Velocity XP1, are available for you in-store and on the VKS website. Our team is available in-store as well as online to help you choose the best bat for yourself. Shop online at and avail fantastic discounts on your purchase.


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