Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats

Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats

Gunn and Moore make cricket bats, but unlike almost all other major brands, GM produce all their cricket bats in house at their state of the art factory in Nottingham.

Keeping the production process in Nottingham means they have complete control over how the bats are produced from the second the felled trees arrive at the factory, to the moment the bat grip is attached and the final stickers placed on the blade.

GM bats are well and truly made in England for batsmen all around the world. In fact, GM make more cricket bats in the UK than all the other bat brands (that manufacture in the UK) put together.

So when you as a customer have so much choice, why should you choose a GM cricket bat? Well, GM are the only company to combine DXM technology with over 130 years of bat crafting experience.

Over five years of research into cricket bat materials and manufacturing technology processes, along with substantial investment in research, led to some significant findings and the subsequent implementation of the DXM machinery at the factory in Nottingham.

So with GM its not just about bringing out new models year after year with new colours. There is a precise science being each design process and that’s why GM bat sales are consistently strong amongst all types of senior players as well as our budding juniors.

GM produce some of the best junior cricket bats and when it’s time to make the transition to a full size bat, GM once again are at the forefront, with the Academy size that takes into account the need for a lighter weight bat, but with the power needed by the taller youth player, that helps in that transition phase between a junior and adult bat.

The 2017 GM cricket bat range caters to all types of players with a new innovation, in that blade lengths are now optimised with three different lengths, namely L555, L540 and L525.  

As the blade length decreases, the handle length increases, so that the overall length of the bat remains constant so each model is suited to every type of player, regardless of height.

Shorter blades allow the batsmen fast hands through the ball, with a larger sweetspot and swell for supreme balance and explosive power that is demanded by today’s modern cricketing batsmen.

Check out the latest GM cricket bats from…

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  • Chrome

Whatever you choose in whatever grade, one thing you can be sure of, is the fact that your GM bat will perform to the max and will bring you success on the field, runs on the board and many hours of satisfaction.

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Vinay Bedi