Have You Checked Out These Top-of-the-Class Gunn & Moore Cricket Bats at VKS?

GM Cricket Bats

In the world of cricket, the brand Gunn & Moore is synonymous with quality, class, reliance and durability. The brand’s merchandise is used by the top international cricket players. The brand’s bats have helped many batsmen in making and breaking cricket records.

This blog will give you a glimpse of the finest bats from Gunn & Moore that are available right now at VKS’ online website and brick-and-mortar store –

  1. GM Diamond Players Edition Cricket Bat – The bat, made from carefully selected Grade 1 English willow is worth all the hype. It stands out among top bats as it has been developed under Ben Stokes’ guidance and has his signature laser engraved on it. It has an L540 blade which offers a dynamic sweet spot for more accurate and powerful shots. The optimized F4.5 face dynamics of the bat aid in giving more balance, consistency and control to the batsman.
  2. GM Chroma Limited Edition Cricket Bat – This bat has been made using top quality English willow and has the traditional L555 blade. The optimized F4.5 face dynamics give the batsmen greater control over shots as well as consistent power all across the blade. It has a mid to low swell position which enables a balanced powerplay. The sweeping spine profile contributes to a smooth pickup. This bat is available only in limited supply.
  3. GM Zelos II Limited Edition Cricket Bat – Another excellent bat from GM, this one too boasts of top quality Grade 1 English willow. The optimized F4.5 face dynamics of the bat give greater control as well as consistent power all across the blade. The bat has a traditional L555 length blade and an ultra curve face profile that goes along the entire length of the bat from head to toe. The bat’s light weight enables a smooth pickup. 
  4. GM Icon Limited Edition Cricket Bat – This visually stunning bat is made from carefully selected pieces of Grade 1 English willow.The full shape design of the bat and its mid swell position gives the bat extreme power. The mid to high swell position of the bat is suited to stroke play all around the wicket. The bat has a traditional L555 length blade and optimized F4.5 face dynamics for shots that are balanced and effective. 
  5. GM Siren Original Cricket Bat – The bat not just has bold colours and graphics, but all the features that a top batsman needs on the pitch for powerful yet accurate shots. The bat, made from premium Grade 1 English willow had a L540 length blade, but a longer handle compensates for the shortness of the blade. The optimized F4.5 face dynamics endow the bat with consistent power all across the blade. The concave profile gives balance to the bat and aids in a smooth pickup even with the large swell depth. 
  6. GM Diamond Limited Edition Cricket Bat – This bat is special because of several reasons, and one of them is Ben Stokes. He has helped in designing the entire GM Diamond series, and it has all the features that a batsman needs for delivering a smashing performance on the pitch. This bat has a dynamic sweet spot and a larger swell area which gives both balance and power. This bat is limited in supply. 

Want to get your hands on one of these great cricket bats ? VKS has the latest cricket bats not only from Gunn & Moore from all the top brands in the world of cricket, and shopping with us is super easy as we have both a brick-and-mortar store and an online shop. In the shop, our trained and experienced sales staff are there to help you choose the right bat, and on our website, we provide sufficient details about products for you to make well-informed decisions. We also follow all safety protocols, so shopping with us is a safe experience. Shop online or at our cricket store in London for all your cricket needs! 


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