Helping You Score That Inning Safely With the Best Helmets

The fast-paced balls coming towards you can have a high impact, whether you are a batsman or a wicketkeeper. It can cause injuries which can be grave. The seriousness of these injuries to the head and the face made cricket helmets an important cricket equipment in the modern world.

Not of a very old origin, cricket helmets were initially self-designed or from other sports’ essentials. However, many brands started producing helmets as per their own expertise. But these helmets were not a hundred percent safe.It was this need to safeguard the cricketers that led the International Cricket Council to come up with certain safety standards in regards to the design of the helmet. Also, the design and the material had to conform to the British Standard. This limited the number of brands producing the right kind of helmet.

Where to find the best and the safest cricket helmets?

There are several brands to choose your helmets from. So, to ease your choice, VKS, based in London, not only provides you with the choicest options but also with the most propitious guidance. Along with providing carefully chosen helmets, they help you select the right fit for you. You can buy cricket helmets online from the website or visit the store for a more convenient purchase.

What are the different cricket helmet brands available with VKS?

  1. C&D Albion: The choicest collection ranges from junior helmets to full size helmets. On top of it, you can buy them from as low as £99 only at VKS.
  2. Gunn & Moore: These widely popular helmets range between £99 – £54.99.
  3. Gray Nicholls: Not only do they provide helmets but also neck guards. You can buy these from an affordable price of £99 up to £67.99.
  4. Kookaburra: With neck guards starting at £99, this widely loved brand provides helmets at the affordable price of £39.99-£49.99.
  5. Masuri: The high quality and premium helmets from Masuri range between £99 – £199.99.
  6. Shrey: With junior helmets starting at a low price of £99, Shrey’s helmets can be bought for as high as £154.99.

We, at VKS know the importance of a good helmet, but we also know the need of a RIGHT HELMET. Along with the best options, we provide you with the expertise to choose the right helmet. So, let us score that inning together but before that, let us buy the best cricket helmets online with VKS!


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