Here’s Gray Nicolls’ New Range of Cricket Bags for 2020!

Gray Nicolls is a brand that cricket fans across the world love. Be it their cricket bats or cricket bags, they make sure that the material, design and finishing of their products are of top quality. They have launched new cricket bags for 2020, and you should invest in them because the bags, with their range of features and durability, offer a bang for your buck. Here’s a glimpse of Gray Nicolls’ cricket bags for 2020 –

  1. Gray Nicolls 500 Duffle Bag – A budget-friendly duffle bag, this one is loaded with features that a cricketer would want in a cricket bag. The bag has two broad, padded, adjustable shoulder straps that make it very easy to put it on like a backpack and carry it. There is one big compartment to keep the uniform, gloves and pads, and there are separate compartments for shoes and the helmet which makes organising your cricket gear very convenient. 
  2. Gray Nicolls Prestige Duffle Bag – Love things with pockets? Then this is your cricket bag. Firstly, this bag has a large central compartment for keeping your uniform, bats, pads, etc. Secondly, there are separate sections for helmet and shoes. Thirdly, there are six additional pockets in which you can store other things. The stand-up design makes it very convenient to store this bag in small spaces.
  3. Legend Duffle Bag – This beast of a duffle bag can carry all your cricket equipment and more as well. Its dimensions are 100cms x 40cms x 38cms, which means that the bag has a lot of space. There is a bat compartment which can hold three bats, thereby ensuring that they don’t get damaged by getting knocked up against other things. The bag’s central compartment is big enough to hold even a wicket-keeper’s gear. There are separate sections for shoes, helmet and accessories.
  4. Gray Nicolls 500 Wheelie Bag – Looking for a bag with wheels which can be easily rolled on the floor instead of carrying on the shoulders? Then you should check out this budget-friendly bag. There is an internal compartment for holding the bat and protecting it against knocking into other items and getting damaged. The central compartment is large enough to comfortably hold the gloves and pads, and there are separate sections for shoes and helmet. 

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