Here’s All That You Need To Wear To Keep Yourself Protected On The Cricket Pitch

Protection is a MUST when you step out on the cricket field with the rest of your gear. After all, anything can happen on the cricket field – from scraping a knee to bruising a knuckle to fracturing a rib. Whatever the case may be, any kind of pain and injuries are unwelcome. So, here are all the things you should have on you when you go out to play cricket –

1. Aero Strippers – Aero strippers are pads to protect the thighs, hips and the area around them. Good aero strippers provide protection to the leading thigh, inner thigh area, lower abdomen and the hip bone without coming in the way of the smooth movement of the player.

2. Abdo guards – Abdo guards protect the sensitive pelvic region. It is one piece of protection that you must not ignore and nobody should bat without.

3. Arm guards – As the name suggests, the arm guard safeguard the leading arm when a batsmen is at the crease and specifically the forearms of the player. Even when you pay indoors in the nets, its a good idea to use an armguard.

4. Batting Gloves – Or shall we say, battling gloves! On the cricket pitch, broken fingers are common injuries. Also, the bottom hand is at the risk of injury when the ball bounces sharply off the pitch. With a good pair of batting gloves, you can avoid hand injuries and continue flicking the ball with confidence.

5. Batting pads – On the cricket pitch, the lower parts of the legs, especially knees and shins are likely to get hit by the ball. Batting pads protect these parts from fast-flying leather balls.

6. Chest guards – It is only recently that the importance of chest guards on the cricket pitch has been recognised. Short balls can hit the upper body of the player and even break a rib. So, it is advisable to wear a chest guard to the cricket pitch.

7. Cricket helmets – Without the cricket helmet, the head and face are exposed to unacceptable levels of risk from fast-paced deliveries and miscued shots off the bat. So, make sure that you include a sturdy cricket helmet in your list of cricket essentials. Stem Guards are now also available for all brands of helmet and these help to provide extra protection to the back area of the neck.

8. Wicket keeping gloves & inners – An excellent catch or a broken hand? Thats what your wicket keeping gloves or inners will determine for you. Wicket keeping gloves & inners protect the lining of your palm, the palm area, fingers and cuff from injuries while catching the ball.

9. Wicket keeping pads – Wicket keeping pads will help you remain concentrated on catching the ball or stumping the batsman, without having to bother about getting injured from the ball on the cricket pitch.

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