Just for Fun Plastic Cricket Sets on VKS.com

The beauty of cricket is that it can be fun no matter how you play it. It doesn’t need a pitch or the perfect equipment or uniforms to be played just for fun – you can have a match in the local park with bricks for stumps, a slab of wood for a bat and a tennis ball with the kids from the neighbourhood and still enjoy it. India even had a television show dedicated to such informal and improvised cricket matches! VKS has affordable plastic cricket sets for introducing your young ones to cricket in your yard or in the neighbourhood park. Check them out here –

  1. VKS Plastic Cricket Set (Twin Pack) – In the set, there are 2 of each – bats, balls, stumps and bails.The bats can be chosen from 2, 3 and 5 sizes. Both the sets come with free cases. They are light and easy to carry around and you can play with them under the sun or in the rain. 
  2. VKS Plastic Cricket Set – This set has a plastic bat, ball, one set of stumps and bails. The bats come in sizes 2, 3 and 5. The set is supplied with a free case. Sun or rain don’t affect the equipment so it can be taken to picnics in the parks for playing with children. 
  3. Stumps – VKS Pace Plastic with Base – Using these plastic stumps will save you the costs of buying real stumps and then destroying them in just practising. The set has three wickets that fit perfectly into their slots and 2 plastic bails. The lightweight and sturdy stumps come with a free carry case. 
  4. VKS Pace Bat & Ball Set – This bat and ball set comes at just a fraction of the price of real cricket equipment and it is great for introducing your kids to the amazing game. The set is available in Kinder, Small and Medium sizes. The lightweight set can be used for playing on sunny as well as rainy days without any worries of damage. It comes with a free carry case. 

Want to buy these plastic cricket sets to practice before investing in the real equipment? Buy it here on VKS.com – https://vks.com/catalogue/cricket/cricket-accessories/cricket-sets/