Keeley Superior Premium Cricket Bat

Keeley Superior Premium is a very impressive bat which is made by the world’s famous batmakers, Tim and Nick Keeley who have made bats for well known international players such as Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli. The bat is handmade using the finest materials and the best batmaking skills. The bats are made from the finest handpicked English Willow.

The bat looks exceptional and makes the classic Keeley logo stand out on the bat. The bat gives a lot of power to the player with its full profile and no concaving. The bat also gives the player great comfort and great grip with the semi-oval 12 piece handle. The bat also reduces a lot of spin as the face of the bat is semi-round.

The bat responds truly well as it is triple pressed to provide maximum performance. The bat is also fitted with a rubber toe to protect it from dampness and knocks.