Kookaburra Fever Max Cricket Bat

Kookaburra launches the Kookaburra Fever Max for the 2018 season with an all-new design and a huge profile. A huge bat which pushes the MCC bat size to its limit. It is a Heavy bat weighing nearly 3lb and has a mid-blade sweet spot along with a tapered toe.

A bat made for heavy hitters. The Kookaburra Fever Max is a bat which is made to hit huge boundaries. Made from premium Grade English Willow.

The Kookaburra Fever Max has an impressive design that makes it look great in the hands of the player. The black on grey color coupled with a hint of green makes it stand out from the rest of the bats and gives it a very impressive look altogether.

It has a Maximised sweet spot to hit even the difficult of shots, accurately. A slightly rounded face gives it power in the hitting zone and gives it a really familiar profile.