Kookaburra Ghost Pro Batting Gloves

kookaburra ghost pro batting gloves
The new Kookaburra Ghost Pro Batting Gloves

The Kookaburra Ghost  was one of the best selling cricket bats for most retailers last year. Therefore, it was no surprise then to see Kookaburra expand the whole Ghost range quite substantially.

Keeping with the white and silver colour scheme from the original range, the new additions look really classy and manage to show off the product to great effect.

At the top of the range is the Kookaburra Ghost Pro batting gloves. A sausage style glove, the Ghost Pro offers top levels of protection to the batsmen and thanks to the top quality materials used by Kookaburra, the glove offers excellent protection and comfort too.

It’s commonly known that sausage style batting gloves offer very good levels of protection, but it’s also known that due to the sausage style design with no precut fingers, this style of glove takes longer to break in too.

The Kookaburra Ghost Pro Batting Gloves work well and offers the flexibility batsmen need.

As for sizes, they are available in both small men’s and standard men’s sizes.

Kookaburra Ghost Pro Batting Gloves

Vinay Bedi