Kookaburra Pro Tour Wheelie Bag

Kookaburra is known all around the world for manufacturing cricket equipment and it is one of the best in the business. Kookaburra has been a cricket bag manufacturer for a long time and has one of the most selling bags which is the Kookaburra Pro Tour Wheelie Bag.
The Pro Tour Wheelie Bag has it all and makes it the perfect choice for the player who wants to carry all their equipment in style. Made to look good and carry a lot of equipment with a whole lot of compartments. The bag is made from heavy-duty tarpaulin and denim cotton along with the braided fabric.
The bag can also stand up vertically so that you can use it even in the smallest of locker rooms. A fully vented batting pad compartment along with 2 sections inside the bag to keep your bats. Footwear and Helmet section to keep your stuff organized. All these make the Kookaburra Pro Tour Wheelie Bag perfect to use.