How to maintain the spikes on cricket shoes

As we highlighted in our previous blog, the spikes on cricket shoes help maintain a good grip on the ground. Without them, a player would find it hard to remain steady on the pitch, especially if it is wet and greasy. Therefore, it is important the spike plate and the spikes are taken care of well to keep them working in good condition. Here’s how you can do it –

1. Do not put your shoes in the washing machine. The forceful movements of the washing machine are likely to damage the spikes and the rest of the shoe. Do not put the shoes in the tumble dryer either. The heat in the dryer can also damage the spikes.
2. Clean the spike plate with hands. You can take the mud and the grass off the spikes with a toothbrush and clean the spike plate with a cloth and soapy water.
3. If you have been playing on wet, grassy surfaces, try to clean the mud and the grass immediately after playing. Do not let the mud and the grass stay on the spikes for too long as this will cause them to rust too quickly.
4. When not using the shoes, you could remove the spikes and keep them separately. This will keep the spikes from rusting.
5. If you are having difficulty taking off the spikes or putting them back in, try using a little petroleum jelly or WD-40.
6. Make sure that your spike key always grips the spike firmly. If it isn’t doing that, then it is time to get a new one.
7. Keep checking your spikes regularly to know when to replace them. If the spike beings to look like flat-headed stubs, it is time to get a new set of spikes.

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