Masuri Helmets that Offer the Best Protection on the Cricket Pitch!

In the world of cricket, Masuri is well known for being one of the top brands making cricket helmets that not only offer a high level of protection, but are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. The brand, which originated in South Africa in 1991, is now based in the UK and has a distribution network across the world. Several top professionals including Mike Atherton, Graham Gooch, Robin Smith and Brian Lara have relied on Masuri helmets for protecting their faces and heads from injuries from fast flying balls on the pitch.

In this blog, we have listed some of the top cricket helmet models from Masuri –

  1. Masuri T Line Titanium Cricket Helmet – Masuri’s T Line Titanium Cricket Helmet is lauded for being a super lightweight helmet and yet providing the highest level of protection. As the name suggests, the helmet has a titanium grille which keeps its weight light. The single shell construction of the helmet makes it highly durable. The padding on the inside of the helmet, especially around the cheek and ear areas makes it highly comfortable to wear.
  2. Masuri T Line Steel Cricket Helmet – This excellent helmet has single shell construction and a stainless steel grille that is lightweight and powerful. The helmet is covered with cloth that gives it a sleek and elegant look. The helmet is very comfortable to wear as it is padded on the inside. The soft padding around the cheek and ears provides extra protection to the face of the player. The adjustable cheek strap ensures that the helmet fits the wearer well.
  3. Masuri Vision Test Series Steel Cricket Helmet – As the name suggests, this helmet is made for the long and gruelling hours of a test match. The helmet has strategically placed vents in the inner and outer shells for ensuring ventilation. The grille, made from certified steel, is lightweight, extremely tough, and engineered in a manner that it provides the highest of protection without hindering the vision of the player. The Halo Reinforcement System (HRS) is an extra strength helmet rim for protecting the wearer from balls moving at as much as 90mph.
  4. Masuri E Line Titanium Cricket Helmet – Another excellent helmet from Masuri, this one boasts of a lightweight titanium grill that can withstand great impact from fast flying balls. The helmet has single shell construction which prevents it from cracking from impact from balls. The adjustable cheek strap keeps the helmet in its place when the player is running, sprinting and jumping. The cloth covering on the helmet gives it a sleek and elegant matte look.
  5. Masuri E Line Steel Cricket Helmet – Stainless steel is one of the most reliable materials for making protective gear, and this helmet uses certified stainless steel for its grille. The grille has been made in a manner that it protects the entire face of the player without interfering with their range of visibility and thus allowing them to remain focused on the fast flying ball. The padding around the cheeks and ears of the player not only keeps the player comfortable, but also gives them enhanced protection.

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