The all-new 2018 New Balance DC 880 is the choice of Australian Captain Steve Smith and with an all-new impressive design for the 2018 season, is set to light up cricket pitches all around the world. The design of the bat is made with modern cricket in mind. The bat is made for modern players like Steve Smith who like to perform on pitches with some bounce in it.

New Balance DC 880 is made of top quality English Willow which makes it very balanced and maneuverable. The bat has a grip of 9 piece Singapore cane handle and a comfort grip both of whIch combine to give batsmen that extra grip and comfort of hitting shots without the bat slipping off your hands and without excessive jarring.

The New Balance DC 880 is made for the front foot dominated players. As the bat has a huge profile, a low swell, and massive edges, it helps the batsman play thier shorts againest even the toughtest of bowlers. Hitting boundaries is made all the more easier with the new New Balance DC 880.