The 2018 season sees the introduction of the New Balance TC 860 which is made with and new and exciting pro shape design with the infamous duck bill toe and mid to low middle that’s perfect for driving off the front foot as well as all round stroke play. The bat which is made from top quality English Willow is perfect for quality gameplay and excellent stroke-making.

The New Balance TC 860 is used by Australian captain Steve Smith, the bat is designed to match the playing style of all types of batsmen. The TC 860 is made for players who use various types of shots to get the runs on the board. The bat has a huge sweet spot along with massive edges for making batting, even more, fun and exciting.

The TC860 bat has the classic white and red New Balance logo which makes it stand out from the rest of the brand names out there. The bat has a very good balance which makes it great strokeplay and hitting difficult shots with ease.

The bat is perfect for players who like to hit varied shots as it is extremely well balanced which helps the player at the crease.