How to perfect your batting shots on the pitch

Cricket is a highly nuanced game. From picking the right cricket bat to getting a comfortable grip on it, everything about the game has certain fine details which one must pay attention to in order to become a good player. Batting shots need to be calculated carefully according to how the ball is thrown. After all, that’s how you will keep from losing wickets and scoring runs for your team. Previously, we had shared a blog on how to get ready for batting on the pitch, this blog is about getting your shots right.

1. Step forward with your lead foot and raise the bat – If you’re right-handed, then the right foot’s your lead foot, and if you are left-handed, then it is the left foot. Raise the bat so that it comes up to your shoulder and is pointed straight in the air. The upward swing should be such that the bat remains as straight as possible. Step forward if the ball is bouncing low, and step back if the ball is flying high.
2. Focus on the ball and calculate your move -Keep your eyes on the ball and decide what kind of move you want to make. If you think that the ball will bounce off the sweet spot, you can swing upwards to drive the ball far. However, is the delivery is short, you will need to make a defensive shot.
3. Swing the bat downwards to hit the ball – Slowly swing the bat downwards once the ball has left the bowler’s hand. The position of the swing should be – knees slightly bent, toes aiming in the direction in which you want to hit the ball. Do not play the ball too early and too slowly. If the ball is short, step backwards and aim to make a defensive shot by swinging the bat to the side instead of directly downwards.
4. Make contact with the ball for short deliveries – When the bowler is aiming at hitting the wickets, that is, the delivery is low and fast, do a defensive shot. Concentrate on simply touching the ball, rather than on driving it far and scoring points to remain on the safe side.

We will share more tips on how to improve your game in the blogs to come. Also, when you step out on the pitch to play, don’t forget to wear appropriate protective gear such as a cricket helmet, a pair of cricket gloves and cricket pads. You can buy all of these and the rest of your cricket gear at VKS. We also have the full range of other cricket equipment including cricket balls, cricket clothing, cricket protective gear, etc. from the leading brands to help you complete your cricket kit. Shop online and avail fantastic discounts on your purchase!


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