Premium Cricket Footwear At Affordable Prices

Any sports activity needs the extreme use of the legs, feet and ankle under difficult circumstances as the sport may demand. A proper selection of footwear that befits the sport you are playing goes a long way in the protection and maintenance of the feet as well as the legs. Cricket shoes are designed in a way that absorbs huge stress put on the feet and also withstand the burst of movement and pressure which is often the case while playing. It also ensures comfort to the feet and enables increased performance for the player.

One has to choose wisely while selecting the footwear for any sport. Like other sports, cricket has its own special footwear that are uniquely designed to protect from injuries due to running, twisting, jumping and diving, etc. Cricket is a game that involves long hours of being on the field. It also demands a lot of running around which increases the risk of skidding and falling down often. Hence cricket shoes are layered with spiked soles that latches on to the ground firmly while the player is running between the wickets, while fielding or taking a catch, etc.

There are many prominent brands that make the best and durable shoes for cricket like Adidas, Kookaburra, Payntr, Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicholls, New Balance and more which are the preferred international brands worn by professional cricketers of all nations. There are many parts with different materials that goes into the product. The uppers are a combination of polyurethane and pvc leather with added meshing for air circulation on some models. These are thickly padded with soft cotton or polyester layers with netted inners. The bottom sole has pvc or rubber spikes and metal studs that provides additional grip and the inside sole has a cushioned layer for absorbing the shock and retain the buoyancy.

There are different cricket footwear for different playing potions. There are the batting shoes, bowling and fielding shoes which differ slightly in how the shape, padding, spikes and weight are designed based on the role, movement and stress levels expected out of that position.

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