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Club Bundle

From: £3.99 VKS Price

A bundle to help fill out a club bag.

Most of the products within the bundle come in quantities of 3 as we believe this is best for matches.

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CA Plus 3000 Cricket Bat

The classic CA profile, balance and feel for less than £100.

Gray Nicolls Academy Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Classic Collection Academy Cricket Bat is great for starters.

It ensures a real presence and unrivalled confidence at the crease by catering for both front and back foot play with its mid-blade as well as fibre tape edges for added durability.

Kookaburra Beast 6.3 Cricket Bat

The all new 2022 Beast with its traditional profile and thick edges, delivers the best performance levels to all styles of batsmen. The counterbalance handle improves the pickup dramatically to give an even lighter feel.

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VKS Club Series Batting Gloves Senior (White/Graphite/Black)

PU fingers that offer great flex and comfort coupled with Plastazote padding for added protection. Soft feel inner padding for maximum comfort.


VKS Club Series Batting Legguards

Shrey Performance Steel Cricket Helmet

Well constructed lightweight helmet, weighing only 940 grams.

New design grill for added safety. The new design gives even greater facial and also better side protection.

VKS Thigh Guard – Test Lite

A very lightweight and easy to wear thigh guard available in a variety of senior and junior sizes.

Abdominal Guard – County (without straps)

Padded abdo guard available in senior and junior sizes. Comfortable and best worn with jock shorts, jock briefs or jock straps.


Infinity IXN Team Wheelie

Don't let the side down with a poor kit bag. A great looking Team Wheelie bag thats big enough to carry a selection of the teams bats, pads, gloves, helmets, wickets and more.

Bat Knocking In Preparation Services

Please note all cricket bats must be knocked in.

Bat Knocking In + Preparation Service prepared by the experts.

We will prepare your cricket bat and get it match ready with our extensive oiling and by hand knocking in service.

Please allow approx 10 days for this service to be completed.

Anti- Scuff Sheet Fitted

A clear anti scuff sheet is applied to the blade, which will protect your bat and also add to its lifespan.

Yorker Cricket Ball

Available in 5.5oz and 4.75oz. The Yorker Cricket Ball is made from a quality tanned leather that is quartered and hand sewn, 4/5 layers wool and also a natural cork centre, 60/65 stitches, lacquered and wax polished for lasting shine. Tallow dipped for waterproofing properties. A good quality ball supplied to numerous schools, clubs and academies.

Bat Mallet

This Mallet is made from wood, It is used to knock in cricket bats.It makes the bat strong as well as durable. Using the mallet makes the preparation process easier.

Owzat Bat Oil

All cricket bats need to be oiled before they are knocked in. We suggest a light coat of oil to your bat every 4 months.

Owzat Bat Oil is made from a special formula mix of linseed oil and also a poly material. It penetrates deep into the wood and thus provides excellent protection.

An excellent product and far better than the traditional linseed oil.


A bundle to help fill out a club bag.

We’ve selected what we believe are the basic ingredients to a perfect club kit bag.

All the items listed are optional so as to accommodate your personal choices, preferences and budgets.

The main areas of choice are the cricket bats so pick any of the ones we have selected.

Most of the products within the bundle come in quantities of 3 as we believe this is best for a club kit bag.

Trust us with preparing your bat for matches by opting for our knocking in services where we hand knock and oil the bat. Please note all bats must be knocked in before use.

A scuff sheet helps with bat durability without any compromise in performance.

If you need any further help or information please don’t hesitate to call us or email.