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GM Kryos DXM 808 Cricket Bat

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The all new HYPA from GM is just what we have longed for…a full profile bat with an amazing pick up and balanced feel in a 555 blade.


Personalise your bat and make it unique with our Bat iD laser engraving service. Have your initials, name, nickname or catchphrase laser engraved into your bat.

Choose where you would like the personalised engraving on the bat

Enter your personalised engraving exactly as you would like it

For Back + Side option, please indicate where each engraving should go

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Side – XYZ

Bat Preparation Options

Bat Knocking In Preparation Services

Please note all cricket bats must be knocked in.

Bat Knocking In + Preparation Service prepared by the experts.

We will prepare your cricket bat and get it match ready with our extensive oiling and by hand knocking in service.

Please allow approx 7 to 10 working days for this service to be completed.

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  • Made from the finest quality Grade 1 English willow at the GM factory in Nottingham.
  • Made with the L540 length blade for a dynamic sweet spot.
  • 310mm handle results in a bat that is of standard length, so perfect for use by batsmen of all heights.
  • Made with optimized F4.5 face dynamics that give the batsmen greater control as well as consistent power all across the blade.
  • Lightweight profile design.
  • Designed with a mid swell position for controlled powerplay.
  • Sweeping toe profile for balanced pick up.
  • Made with a traditional full blade profile.
  • Made using GM’s amazing DXM technology at their factory in Nottingham. All GM bats are made in England by skilled craftsmen using over 130 years of GM heritage and bat making skills.
  • Made using the finest Grade 1 English willow that is unbleached.
  • Carefully selected by grain structure and weigh.t
  • Limited in supply due to the sheer quality of this bat.
  • Cut, temperature controlled prep and them made at the GM factory in Nottingham.
  • Made with the power arc bowed face profile.
  • Full shape design giving extreme power.
  • Fitted with GM toe guard.
  • Protective sheet fitted as standard, so no oiling needed to the face of the bat.
  • If you are looking for a top end bat with a full profile and superb balance, this would be a great choice.
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