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Kookaburra Bubble 4.1 Cricket Bat 2023

£179.99 VKS Price

The Bubble is back. A VKS favourite from the 80’s is set to grace our shelves once again and we can’t wait!

This is the all new Bubble 4.1 model.


Bat Preparation Options

Bat Knocking In Preparation Services

Please note all cricket bats must be knocked in.

Bat Knocking In + Preparation Service prepared by the experts.

We will prepare your cricket bat and get it match ready with our extensive oiling and by hand knocking in service.

Please allow approx 10 days for this service to be completed.

Anti- Scuff Sheet Fitted

A clear anti scuff sheet is applied to the blade, which will protect your bat and also add to its lifespan.

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The iconic Bubble is back!

We loved this bat when it graced our shelves in the 80’s and the anticipation for this model on our part is immense.

Handmade from English Willow with the classic Bubble graphics and look.

The Kookaburra Bubble is a Legendary bat used by some of the finest international players over the years.

Every Kookaburra Bubble is handmade to maximise its performance by Kookaburra’s expert batmakers.

The bat is well balanced and it is fitted with a hex grip to maximise the grip of the player on the bat. The Kookaburra Bubble has an iconic player profile to match the needs of modern cricket which makes this bat amazing. The Kookaburra Kahuna is Pre-prepared and dried naturally to give the bat greater durability and flexibility.It’s big edges, huge profile and renowned colours, hence makes it the perfect bat for the strokemaker who likes to take control of the bowler and lead his teammates by example.

Low to Mid-blade Sweet spot and thick edges

Rounded face

Super spine height

Designed with a full profile.

Oval handle

Players grip


Weight 0.1 kg
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