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Senior Pro Bundle

From: £3.99 VKS Price

A bundle for the senior club cricketer looking for a great set of kit.

We’ve selected what we believe are the basic ingredients to a perfect senior pro kit bag.

If you need any further help or information please don’t hesitate to call us or email.

For additional information on the products within the bundle, please look below at the description section or click the arrow icon next to the product.

SS TON “Laser Engraved” Reserve Edition Cricket Bat

Limited Edition laser engraved model, exclusive to VKS.

The all new 2024 SS TON Reserve Edition Cricket Bat is made from Premium Grade 1 English willow which is hand picked from the SS factory. We personally visit the SS factory around 3 times a year and are thankful to the Sareen family for consistently sending us the very best bats available.

As used by the the world's top international batsmen, this is one of the finest quality bats available.

Infinity Modus Reserve Cricket Bat

The Infinity Modus "Reserve" Cricket Bat is Handmade using specially selected, Premium Grade 1 English Willow.

Check out the video review of this model from Infinity...click the link below.

Gray Nicolls Players Cricket Bat

The Gray-Nicolls Players follows the classic retro look and traditional styling, with all the power and finesse of a modern day bat.

Gray Nicolls Pro Performance Cricket Bat

Special "Custom Made" edition that comes with a standard length blade.

VKS Players Edition Batting Gloves

A test match quality batting glove with pittard leather palms for less than £50

VKS Player Edition Batting Legguards

Test level protection with the ultimate comfort and flexibility. The use of high density protection means this is a very light pad offering the very best protection levels.

Shrey Masterclass Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet (Free Neck Guard)

The lightest cricket helmet currently available and used by some of the worlds top international players

Shrey Masterclass 2.0 Air Steel Cricket Helmet

New and improved cricket helmet endorsed by some of the top International players from around the world.

VKS Combi Thigh and Inner Guard

A remarkably light 2 in 1 thigh and inner thigh guard that gives the batsmen very good all round protection. The mesh removable outer cover makes this pad set easy to wash too.

VKS Players Arm Guard

A light, flexible and easy to wear arm guard that offers excellent protection.


VKS Pro Chest Guard

A light chest guard offering top level protection against even the fastest bowlers.

Abdominal Guard – County (without straps)

Padded abdo guard available in senior and junior sizes. Comfortable and best worn with jock shorts, jock briefs or jock straps.


Infinity IXN 900 Players Edition Wheelie Duffle

A fully padded wheelie duffle with numerous storage compartments, heavy duty whees and stylish good looks for less than £85

Infinity IXN 800 Players Edition Wheelie Bag

The perfect bag for tours as well as club matches. Large multi compartment kit bag with both a pull out handle as well as a grab handle to wheel around.

Jock Shorts (with pouch)

Crafted from soft cotton fabric, these Jock Shorts are very comfortable and gentle on the skin. Having been designed as underpants, the pouch holds the abdo guard in place. Easy to wash, the jock shorts retain thier shape and soft feel.

Bat Knocking In Preparation Services

Please note all cricket bats must be knocked in.

Bat Knocking In + Preparation Service prepared by the experts.

We will prepare your cricket bat and get it match ready with our extensive oiling and by hand knocking in service.

Please allow approx 1 week for this service to be completed.

Match Special Grade ‘A’ Cricket Ball

Fine alum tanned leather that is quartered and hand sewn makes the Match Special Grade ‘A’ Cricket Ball really special. It uses 80 stitches and is lacquered and waxed to retain its shine for a long time. The ball is rendered waterproof by dipping it in tallow.

Bat Mallet

This Mallet is made from wood, It is used to knock in cricket bats.It makes the bat strong as well as durable. Using the mallet makes the preparation process easier.


A bundle for the serious cricketer looking for a great selection of kit.

We’ve selected what we believe are the basic ingredients to a perfect senior pro kit bag.

All the items listed are optional so as to accommodate your personal choices, preferences and budgets.

The main areas of choice are the cricket bats so pick any of the ones we have selected.

Trust us with preparing your bat for matches by opting for our knocking in services where we hand knock and oil the bat. Please note all bats must be knocked in before use.

A scuff sheet helps with bat durability without any compromise in performance.

If you need any further help or information please don’t hesitate to call us or email.