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Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard (Age 11+)

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  • Shock Doctor mouthguards help prevent fractures, lacerations, dislocations and broken teeth.The multi layered
  • construction features Kraton jaw pads to absorb shock which is what helps protect against brain concussions, these same jaw pads help prevent injuries caused by side and bottom jaw impacts.
  • The Gel Fit Liners are surrounded by an exoskeletal shock frame that ensures retention and comfort while protecting against internal lacerations.
  • Tooth injuries are prevented due to the patented multi-layer, semi-rigid Shock
  • Transfer Core and Monocoque Frame construction, by absorbing and deflecting damaging impacts.
  • Exoskeletal Shock Frame
  • Gel-Fit LineSuitable for Age 11+
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