Where Safety meets Comfort: Batting Leg guards

Batting legguards, also known as pads, serve as the frontline defence for batsmen, shielding their legs from impact and potential injury. Let’s explore some of the best pads available on the market, all of which are stocked at VKS.

Leg guards for safety and precision

It is essential to choose leg guards from the top brands to ensure utmost safety and precision during the game. VKS, based in London assures you of a wide variety when it comes to buying batting leg guards. The collection includes:

  1. Infinity leg guards: These are priced between £33.99 and £79.99. These are designed to offer maximum level of safety and comfort. The cane reinforcements to the front pad along with the high density padding offer the ultimate absorption levels making them a preferred choice for professionals.
  2. VKS: Ranging between £29.99 and £79.99, these leg guards have been designed in accordance to the needs and demands of the customers with absolutely no compromise in quality.
  3. Gray Nicolls: The premium range is priced between £39.99 and £139.99 providing the batsmen with the highest level of protection along with comfort.
  4. Gunn & Moore: The experience and quality of the brand is offered in the price range £47.99 and £154.99. With the use of PORON XRD, they have definitely crafted the best the market has to offer.
  5. Kookaburra: Ranging between £33.99 and £139.99, these leg guards are a combination of traditional wisdom and modern techniques. With the minimum weight, these leg guards are designed to provide the highest level of comfort to the wearer.
  6. SS Ton: Made from the finest material, these leg guards range between £34.99 and £79.99. The superior quality of mesh ensures that there is proper airflow and comfort.
  7. New Balance: Endorsed by the biggest names in the industry, these leg guards are priced at £67.99. These are designed to absorb shock and provide superior cushioning.

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