Shrey Cricket Helmets

Shrey cricket helmets came onto the scene just a few years ago and have quickly become one of the most recognisable brands amongst the worlds top international players.

Originally trading as a manufacturing unit for one of the worlds best selling cricket helmet brands, Shrey cricket helmets have since established themselves as an own brand manufacturer with the added bonus of producing their own product and therefore having full control over styling, quality and efficient distribution.

Although used by the world’s best, Shrey have planned their marketing and range really well and as a result cater to all price points.

They start off with the Armor range where a junior helmet costs less than £40 and then go all the way up to the Masterclass Air Titanium which includes a neck guard for free.

All the helmets in the Shrey range conform to the latest BS 2013 safety standards. This standard is now being forced to a greater degree by the cricketing hierarchy in the UK, so as to try and ensure the safety of both junior and senior players in the game.

The added safety features of all helmets that conform to the standards insures a stronger Peak area, better quality Grills then were previously made on helmets, as well as the fixed grill position which insures the ball cannot breach the gap between the grill and helmet peak.

The Shrey range of helmets are known for their lightweight and sleek designs and with the added models that have been introduced for the new season, the lower price points are certainly going to appeal to a wider range of cricketers.

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Vinay Bedi