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Bat Knocking In + Preparation Service

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Only £25 for any bat bought from VKS.

Bat Knocking In + Preparation Service prepared by the experts.

We will prepare your cricket bat and get it match ready with our extensive oiling and knocking in service.


Bat Knocking In + Preparation Service prepared by the experts.We will first give your new bat a very quick knocking in session with a light weight mallet, after which we will lightly oil your bat as required using the very best Owzat oil and leave it overnight to dry. The knocking in process then begins with a top quality lignum vitae mallet of medium weight and this is done by hand and not using any quick gimmicky machines and presses. This is done in a step by step manner that allows the willow to breathe and expand after each session. We pay special attention to the toe and edges of your bat and will finish the process with a heavier lignum vitae mallet.

Once your bat has been knocked in by hand over a period of time, a final coat of Owzat bat oil is applied to the blade, sides and back of the bat and your bat is once again allowed to fully dry.

The whole process is done by hand and we do not at any stage use any machines, presses or other “quick fire” methods to get the job done.

The whole process takes us approximately 10 days from start to finish.

Apply linseed oil to the bat and allow to dry

Knocked in by hand in a step by step manner that allows the willow to breath and move naturally between each session

Once fully knocked in the bat is again oiled an allowed to dry

Fibreglass tape and anti scuff sheet are optional extras that may be added, should you so wish

No machines or presses are used at any stage. A bat should be knocked in by hand, so that’s how we do it.

We use a variety of different mallets for the differing knocking in stages.

Please note we will not be able to refund or exchange any bat that has been knocked in.

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