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County Special Grade ‘A’ Cricket Ball

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  • Top quality alum tanned leather, quartered, hand sewn, 6/7 layers wool and natural cork centre 80 stitches English acquired and wax polished for lasting shine. Tallow dipped for waterproofing. 5½ oz and ladies
  • 5oz. Also available in White for day/night matches
  • (Our best selling ball for the past twenty-three seasons).
  • Red or white

The County Special Grade ‘A’ Cricket Ball comes in both red and in white, with white being preferred for day and night matches. A top notch product from VKS, it is their best seller for the past twenty-three seasons. It is made of top quality alum tanned leather, quartered and hand sewn with 80 stitches. It has a 6-7 layer wool and natural cork core that adds an even bounce to it.

The ball is English lacquered and waxed for a lasting shine and tallow dipped to make it waterproof. The ball weighs 5 ½ oz and for the ladies it comes in a 5 oz version. Order the quality cricket ball and get handsome discounts on a wide range of sporting goods at vks.com.


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