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Kookaburra Fever Max Cricket Bat

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The new Fever Max is a big and powerful bat, designed for the power player. The all new design and styling makes this a must have for the new season.


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The new Kookaburra Fever Max is something very different. The dynamic profile is steep and full, giving the batsmen and abundance of power whilst keeping within the new bat making regulations.

Explosive power, that suits to destructive player who likes to hit the ball out of the ground.

Made from premium good quality unbleached English willow.

Prepared by hand so as to reduce the overall knocking in period.

Angle toe which allows the bat to sit comfortably in the stance and promote the overall preferred and position of being slightly ahead of the blade.

Powerdrive oval handle

Big sweet spot area

Full shape with a pronounced spine

Big edges

Available in Short Handle only