Sunglasses For The Best Protection

Among the cricketing accessories, sunglasses are the least talked about, but are one of the most important of all protective items. This is especially true because the game of cricket is often played in the day time. Except for a some of the T20 format games, all others formats include playing in the sun for the full game like a Test match or partly like the day and night One Day Internationals.

There are many reasons a player needs a sunglass in a day match. First and foremost being the glare preventing the fielder from losing sight of a lofted ball while it is coming towards them. The chances of a misfield leading to more runs, or even a preventable boundary is more. But more importantly, the missing of a catch is considered a sin. Everybody knows that catches win matches and no fielder want take a chance of going in without a good pair of sunglases.

The sunglasses are not an object of fashion but a very useful gear on the field. Cricket shots are often lofted ones which goes up in the air which will be difficult to sight against the back drop of sun rays. Another problem is catching the ball  for a run out attempt, when a distant fielder throw the ball, it will be on an higher altitude before landing.

Cricket sunglasses protects players eyes from extreme heat affecting their eyes and helps them concentrate better on the field. Few other benefits of wearing a sunglass are preventing dust getting in the eye if the weather is windy, stops small flies getting in to the eye, as the cricket ground is grassy and hosts small creatures in abundance.

Sports glasses are made of polycarbonate, which are high impact resistant lens and comes with ultraviolet ray protection. These are light weight, water resistant, very durable, provides high optical clarity and comes in easy to wear wrap around style so it doesn’t fall while running, bending,jumping and falling in a hurry.

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