How to take care of your cricket bat

The key to becoming a good batsman is practice. The key to practising is having regular drill matches with your team. For regular drill matches, you need all your cricket equipment to be in good shape. And for your cricket equipment to be in good shape, you have to take care of the equipment well. This blog is going to focus on the do’s and don’ts of taking care of a cricket bat.

1. Apply linseed oil on your bat’s face, toe and edges. Doing this will soften the bat fibres, bond them together and help to prevent the bat from splitting. You can take a piece of cloth, paintbrush or your bare hands and put 1 or 2 very light coats of the oil on the aforementioned components of the bat. Ideally, this should be done every 6 months to maintain the moisture level in the bat. In the winter months when you are not using your bat, please avoid storing in a room with central heating as this tends to dry the bat out.

2. Do not start using the bat straight away after you have bought it. First, knock the cricket bat in with a bat mallet for a minimum of 4 hours to harden the bat. Increase the force progressively, but do not knock so hard that you break the bat. Knock the middle first it till the time you start to notice a dent. Then, gently knock around the dent to level the dent. You can at the same time knock the edges and the toe of the blade gently. Oil the bat first and dry it overnight before you use the mallet on it.

3. After you have hardened the bat with the mallet, start playing with it. Hitting the ball with the bat will also contribute to the process of hardening the bat.

4. Store your bat in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from of areas of heat and
humidity and as these two elements can warp the bat or dry out the wood and make it susceptible to cracking.

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