How to take care of cricket shoes

In our previous blogs, we discussed the various parts of a cricket shoe and how they all play a significant role in keeping the player mobile on the pitch. Thus, good cricket shoes are an investment, and therefore, they should be taken care of properly to increase their longevity and enable them to help the player perform well in the game. Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your cricket shoes and prevent them from wearing out too soon.

1. Do not remove the shoes without untying and loosening the laces first. If you remove them without doing so, it will put extra pressure on the glue and the stitching, and the support offered by the heel will also reduce over time.
2. Clean the mud and the grass from the soles of your shoes immediately before it dries up. You can use a hard toothbrush or any other brush with bristles, along with a damp cloth to remove the dirt.
3. If your shoes are wet, do not leave them out in direct sunlight to dry as the heat can damage the material of the shoe, particularly leather. Even synthetic materials will get damaged and discoloured under direct heat. The best would be to loosen the laces, take the insoles out and then leave the shoes in a cool, dry area to air dry away from direct sunlight. You can also put crumpled up newspaper inside damp shoes; the newspaper will absorb the moisture faster. Also, put the shoes in a boot bag only after they have dried up completely.
4. Do not use hot water to wash the shoes as the heat can damage the material or cause it to warp. Do not put the shoes in a washing machine either, instead, wash them with hands. If the shoes are extremely dirty, and you have to put them in a machine, make sure that the water is not above 30 degrees Celsius.
5. Do not use bleach or household cleaning materials to clean your shoes. Use mild detergents – the ones that you use for cleaning your clothes.

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