The Cricket Balls for the Win

While overlooked by many, cricket balls play a vital role in the game. A cricket ball can make or break your performance and enjoyment on the pitch. So, it is really crucial to select the appropriate ball for your game whether you are a seasoned or occasional player.

The types of cricket balls

The choice of cricket balls depends on your level of game, pitch, and preference. For kids and amateurs, it is strongly suggested to use a soft ball or a training ball in order to avoid any injuries. While leather balls are used for most players. Leather balls are of the following types – red leather cricket ball, white leather cricket ball, and pink leather cricket ball. All these balls are used in different games played during different times of the day.

The need for a quality cricket ball

The quality of your cricket ball can impact your game whether you are an amateur or a professional. Also, the bounce or spin of the ball depends on its quality impacting your batting as well as bowling. Furthermore, a good quality ball is designed to withstand any weather conditions and will last longer, enhancing your skills in practice sessions as well.

The place to buy cricket balls

Choosing the right cricket ball and finding a reliable source to buy it became easier with VKS. Stocking the best balls, VKS ensures that you shine through the game whether you choose VKS’ own cricket balls or the Training balls or the Dukes balls. Also, you can buy these cricket balls from our store in London or online. So, get your cricket arsenal in place with VKS’ exclusive range. Happy shopping!


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