The Essentials of Cricket

We all love to head out for a good game, don’t we? We may be playing a sport or a game for socializing, for fun or even professionally, but any of this requires the right equipment. Cricket is undoubtedly the most famous sport of the modern era. However, there are a certain equipment which are necessary for the game. Whether you are playing in your local parks or in the cricket stadiums, you cannot simply do without these equipment.

So, what are the equipment necessary to play cricket?

  1. Cricket bat: The first and the foremost important equipment is the cricket bat. There is a vast variety of cricket bats available for you to choose from, well according to your age and likings.
  2. Cricket balls: Since it is a bat and a ball game, the next essential equipment is the cricket ball. You can buy anything from training balls to Kookabura balls to suit your requirement.
  3. Cricket stumps: These are the three upright wooden poles that, together with the bails forming the wicket.
  4. Cricket helmets: These are used by the batsmen to ensure safety from the fast-paced balls.
  5. Batting leg guards: Even if you are a novice or a professional player, your knees, shins and thighs need protection. Leg guards or batting pads are essentially used by batsmen for safety.
  6. Batting gloves: To provide safety and grip batting gloves are a must for the batsmen.
  7. Cricket clothing: The gentleman’s game definitely has a defined set of clothes for every player, be it the batsmen, the wicket keeper or the fielder.
  8. Cricket bags: For someone choosing cricket for competitive purposes, a cricket bag stands as an important investment.
  9. Cricket footwear: The organized game requires the right pair of shoes to achieve excellence. Many different brands offer the right kind of sport shoes needed to help in accelerating performance.

No game is complete without the right equipment and it stands true in case of cricket. The right cricket equipment, which ticks all your requirements, is hard to find. VKS, based in London, has got all your needs covered and that too within your budgets. They offer a great variety in best brands for you to choose from that too online. So, start scrolling your phone for a great online shopping experience with VKS.


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