Things to Consider Before Buying Your Cricket Bats Online

The world of cricket revolves around one major thing, a bat. Finding your magic wand can prove to be a bit troublesome if you do not have the right guidance. VKS, based in London, not only houses top quality bats from brands around the world, but also lets you in on expert knowledge to select the one made for you, available both in store and online.

What to look for when buying your cricket bat online?

  1. Blades and Profiles: Choose a bat that matches your playstyle. Bats come in all different shapes and sizes, so choose the one that suits how you play most. If you tend to play high on the bat, a high profile bat may be best and so on for mid and low profile bats.
  2. Weight: Heavier the weight, more the durability and power. The lighter the bat, the easier it is to handle and the more speed you can generate. The choice depends on your physique and style of playing.
  3. Willow type and Grade: Bats come in English willow or Kashmir willow. Kashmir is the cheaper option and is a good choice for beginners or younger players. English willow is unmatched for performance. If you are serious about getting into cricket, English willow is the best option. Grade 1 English willow is the top quality, and this grade decreases based on willow quality.
  4. Handle type: You must choose between oval or round handle type according to your style and preference.
  5. Source of purchase must be reliable: The world of internet may have given you unlimited access to many things but it has also opened you to the possibilities of fraud. So, before making a purchase online for your cricket bat, thoroughly check the website or the buyer. We strive to make VKS the best option to purchase bats for every cricketer.

VKS helps you consider all these factors with continuous support and guarantees the genuineness and quality of all the cricket bats and other equipment. So, whether you are an amateur or a professional VKS is your online cricket haven.


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