Top 10 Cricket Bats in the UK 2020

It is the beginning of a new decade and some of the finest things that the year 2020 brings us are an exciting cricket season and new, improved cricket gear. Several leading brands have come out with new bats this year, and they are bound to leave cricket players spoilt for choice. Here are the top 10 cricket bats in the UK 2020 –

  1. Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat 2020 – This bat is top-of-the-range bat from Kookaburra Kahuna series comes with eye-catching graphics in shades of green. Made from Grade 1 unbleached English willow, the bat has been designed to suit all types of players – those who like to pack a lot of power in their shots, and those who prefer playing accuracy and elegance. 
  2. Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat 2020 – The name of the bat speaks a lot about it – it is a big and powerful bat and yet its pickup is very smooth. The white and chrome graphics will help the wielder stand apart from the crowd. This ultra-lightweight bat has a full profile which means that the player will not have to compromise on power. The bat’s large sweet spot and thick edges further make it easier for the players to pack a punch in their shots.
  3. New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bat –  The choice of Joe Root, this bat is for serious players. Made from the top quality English willow, this is a well-balanced bat. It has a pronounced hitting area and thick edges for off-centre shots. The large sweet spot ensures that all types of players deliver their best performance on the pitch. 
  4. Kookaburra Concept 20 Cricket Bat – This budget bat has been designed keeping the modern game in mind. It has ½” shorter blade and this ½” is compensated by a longer than the regular handle. This shift in the length does not affect the performance of the bat, but makes its pickup smooth. The slightly higher middle also helps with the pickup. The oval handle with the counterbalance adds to the light feel of the bat.
  5. Gray Nicolls Powerbow Inferno Pro Performance Cricket Bat – The bat lives up to its weighty name. Made with Grade 1 English willow and designed with a full profile, a dynamic low swell, and a dramatically feathered toe, this bat will surprise you with its lightweight pickup and powerful blade. The thick edges and steep spine of the bat help in making powerful off-centre shots. 
  6. Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth Pro Performance Cricket Bat – The iconic Gray Nicolls Oblivion bat comes with stunning new graphics and some amazing features. Its shape and contouring contribute to maintaining quick hand speed. Made with Grade 1 unbleached English willow, this bat is for all-round players. The pronounced high middle of the bat and its thick edges give added power to the batsmen.
  7. New Balance TC 560 Cricket Bat – A budget bat from New Balance, this one will surprise you with the power it offers. The design of the bat is such that it offers a well balanced and light feel. The pronounced hitting area and thick edges of the bat make sure that all shots, including off-centre, are delivered with power. The large sweet spot of the bat makes it suitable for all types of players. 
  8. SS Ton Reserve Edition Cricket Bat 2020 – The all-new SS Ton Reserve Edition Cricket Bat will give you a bang for your buck. Made from Grade 1 unbleached English willow, this bat is the favourite of several international players. The bat, with its full profile, thick edges and pronounced spine will give you all the power you need on the pitch. The oval handle of the bat is comfortable to grip and doesn’t tire the hands during long, aggressive games.
  9. SS Ton Gold Edition Cricket Bat 2020 – Another excellent bat from SS Ton, this one also uses top quality English willow but is less expensive than the SS Ton Reserve Edition Cricket bat. The well-balanced bat is lightweight and offers a smooth pickup. The bat’s design is delicately bowed that helps batsmen keep their hands in front of the ball on contact enhancing control and technique. 
  10. Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth Pro Players Cricket Bat – This Gray Nicolls bat, though priced less expensively than other top models, it will not fall short on any front, be it design, quality, weight or graphics. A great bat made from Grade 1 English willow, it has a pronounced high middle, thick edges and full profile – the trifecta of a powerful bat. This bat can be used comfortably by players with different playing styles. 

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