Top bats to buy this cricket season!

For cricket fans, it is the most important time of
the year – The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is going on! True blue lovers have
waited patiently for 4 years for this event, and it is finally happening. 

What’s equally exciting is all the new cricket
equipment that’s come into the market. Leading brands have come up with
beautiful new cricket bats keeping into consideration the significance of this
year. Let us take a look at some of the top cricket bats from our favourite
brands –

  1. 2019 Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat – Regarded as the finest cricket in existence today, the all-new 2019 Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat is for the legends of cricket for whom cricket is the ultimate passion. This masterpiece has been made using top-grade English willow. The bat’s mid-blade sweet spot offers all round stroke play. The branding has been etched with a laser, so as it make it immaculate.
  2. MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat – This bat has been used the world’s top batsman, Virat Kohli. Need we say more? The bat, made from Grade 1 English willow, has thick edges and a flat face with a duckbill toe. The pickup of the bat is very smooth owing its lightness. The minimal shaping of the bat gives it a full profile.
  3. GM Noir Original LE Cricket Bat – This bat is quite the stunner – both in terms of performance as well as looks. It has the traditional L555 blade design and a standard length handle. The f4.5 concave face profile not only offers excellent control and power over the bat, but also aids in a light pickup. The low to mid swell position is well-suited for front foot players.
  4. Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat 2019 – The Kookaburra Kahuna Pro is a favourite among many because of its unconventional graphics and excellent features. The bat, made with the finest quality English willow, has a full body spine and thick edges that give the bat awesome power. The snake grip on the handle helps the batsman maintain a strong grip on the bat.
  5. Keeley Superior Premium Cricket Bat – Keeley brothers are well-known for their quality in the cricket space, and this is one of the finest bats that they have given to the world. They select the finest willow pieces for their bats and create each part meticulously. The handle, for instance, is semi-oval and made of 12 pieces to provide balance, strength and reduce twists. The semi-round bat face is also meant for twist reduction.

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